Remarkable cartoons and various strategies used by political cartoonist

There are various kinds of magazines which help in the depiction of various kinds of political cartoons . One of the very early magazines was that of Punch which was published in the year in 1841. The magazine was founded by Henry Mayhew and Ebenezer Landells.

Important cartoonist who helped in directing the art of political cartoons
Another very influential cartoonist is John Tenniel. He was involved with the perfection of physical characteristics as well as representation of the present day. In the middle of the 19th century, many political newspapers started featuring the cartoons. These political cartoons helped in expressing the opinion of the publisher.
Import of various kinds of techniques in political cartoons
Among them, a very famous political cartoons publisher is Thomas Nast who helped in importing the various techniques of cartoon drawing from German. Various edition of this editorial cartoon includes “Join, or Die” by Benjamin Franklin.
Famous cartoons in Punch magazine
A very famous cartoon which was published in Punch magazine is “The Goose-Step.” Various institutions which help in the documenting as well as archiving various cartoons include the United States’ Center for the Study of Political Graphics, and the famous British Cartoon Archive whi9ch is in the United Kingdom.
Various kinds of awards won by editorial cartoons
The editorial cartoons are mainly recognized by various kinds of awards like the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning as well as “Cartoonist of the Year.” In the modern days, various kinds of political cartoons have come up with various political cartoons which are mainly printed in the editorial of newspapers.
The cartoonist mainly uses various kinds of caricatures as well as visual metaphors which help in addressing various kinds of political situations with the help of editorial cartoons which help in summing up the emotional and humorous pictures.

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