Different types of Muscle food which you should take daily

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muscle food is not just type of normal foods. A proper muscle food has properly distributed minerals, calories, proteins, etc. If you take it daily basis with exercise, then you can gain muscle very fast if you are skinny. And for fatty people, there are slight different foods. You can buy foods by online also.

Four perfect muscle building Musclefood
• Breakfast – A proper breakfast is very much important to gain muscle. Because it is the starting of food which you take at the start of the day. In breakfast, you should take 4-6 egg whites with two whole eggs, banana, and a serving cream of wheat cereal. These foods will provide you 525 calories, 38 g protein, and 15 g fat.
• Lunch – In lunch, you can take heavy food. But it should be nutritious. If you add oil or the food is spicy, then the whole workout will be failed. In lunch, you should take 6-9 oz. lean ground beef, 2cups pasta, and ¾ cups broccoli. These will provide you 700 calories, 60 g protein, and 13 g fats.
• Dinner – In dinner, you should take 1 chicken breast, 1 yam, and 1 cup peas, or corn or carrots. These will give you 603 calories, 69 g protein, and 7 g fat. If you get this then that dinner will call perfect dinner. These are main muscle food which you should take every day.
• Pre-training foods – When you will go for a workout before going, you should take 1 cup fat-free cottage cheese and 4 slices bread with grape jam.

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