Take a look at some unique facts about termite

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กำจัดปลวก (Termite) has some unique characteristics that you must know. Read below to learn few.
 All termites raise their offspring on a group basis. They are social insects.
 You will be surprised to know that the total weight of all termites in the world accounts for more than the total weight of human beings.
 They shed off their wings on finding a suitable place to live in.
 They are known as “silent destroyers” as they destroy wood, structures without any noise.

Take a quick look at some of its types.
You will be surprised to know that there are various varieties of a termite, each one of them unique in their own way. Read below to know the names of few.
• Dampwood termites
• Drywood termites
• Formosan termites
• Subterranean termites.

Want to know how will you check the presence of termites?
You must be careful about the presence of termites. Here are few indications of the presence of termites.
• When the woods will start darkening
• Mud tubes used by the insects to reach the exterior of the home.
• When the paint will turn into uneven or start bubbling
• When you shall discover discarded wings near doors or windowsills.

Thus, you can understand what kind and to what level these insects can be a danger to your life. Eradication of these is vital to save your furniture, your house or any other untouched structure.

Apart from these, rodents also pose a serious threat to life. They spread various diseases that could bring death to one. They are commonly found at homes and are shooed away. But you fail to understand that temporary discarding of these beasts is unimportant. What you need to focus on is a permanent eradication of the same. In order to eliminate rodents, there must be the help of professional pest controls taken who shall render expert services to ensure killing of these. They also give some chemicals that would prevent further entrance of rodents making your house a healthier place to live in.