Top tricks to use when playing Pokemon

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No game on any mobile platform gives you quite a lot of action 24/7 than Pokemon Go. This game is exciting, intense, and if you do not play this game constantly, you will always be finding yourself at a disadvantage. There are many tricks, tips and cheats many players use to play the game and in recent times, there are also those who have been using pokemon go hack tools to have a higher advantage when playing the game. When playing Pokemon Go against the most experienced players, it is always important to know the little sneaky cheats to get an upper hand over them.
One trick to use when playing Pokemon Go is to focus on the throw bonuses. The best thing with this game is that the level you are currently at does not matter. Scoring Curveball and Great throw bonuses usually add up fast. If you want to use pokemon go cheats and you know you are going to be at the Lure Module, activate the Lucky Egg and constantly pattern your throws. As soon as Pokemon appears on your screen, the best trick here is to throw a Poke ball. When you flick your screen immediately you see the Pokemon, the Poke Ball will instantly hit the target and help you capture Pokemon even before the Pokemon has time to struggle or flee.
You should also consider the double XP when playing Pokemon. This is because it is a great deal and within no time, you will start to get bonuses with almost every throw. The Double XP is actually handy compared to any online pokemon go pokecoins generator because it only requires your skill to get bonuses. Sometimes players find it impossible to hit the Pokemon due to the ball flying and sparkling off to the right or left. In this case, the best trick to try and hit the Pokemon reliably is to use a curveball.